Thursday, March 13, 2003

Hmmm..never really had a journal before...ever... so don't really know what to say. Eh i guess i'll just tell you about my day, YAY aren't u excited. No? Didn't think so. To bad bi@tch imma tell u about it any way, you don't like it get the fuck outta here. I woke up pretty early, was on the fone, and didn't go to skool. HaHa imma luck mo fucka, I havent gone to skool in 2days, ur jealous arent u? Yea i can tell. Neway, was on the fone, went online and was really really bored. My best friend (jessica) told me to dl some songs so i did (she's also the one who got me to do this shit.. blog thing) they were alright songs but im really not into techno..IT SUX...SO DONT LISTEN TO IT!! 115 kevin called me (he's my dawg) for baseball practice, i didnt want to go but i havent gone in 2 days and i got the feeling that my coach was gettin pissed.. so wat the hell i was ok..we stayed for like and 1hr and a 1/2, me and kevin were a 1/2 hr late..that was aiight tho...we always late for shit...we were in the cages...i sucked at batting ( i may play alotta sports ..BUT I horrible) stayed there til 315 or something, on the way home we stopped for some eats. Man was it a scary fuckin ride..holly shit let me tell were makin a uturn on 17 to get on the other side and it was hailing so it was slippery and he got a 260hp stang..fuckin..i think he took the traction off or soemthing earlier and forgot.. and he put the pedal down slightly and we made a 180 degree turn...he cut it back to the right and again we were like 90 degrees..shit was scary but we came outta it alive. So after some food we came home and i came online again (its my life)...talked to some people.. and then it came to b like 8 oclock and kevin wanted to go to breakers. (thats a poolhall in clifton) you'll always find us thier..its great...neway.. i beat him for 5 bux today..thank god it was time to go or he woulda won his money back lol..SUX FOR U NEGRO...but on the way out i asked him to do me a favor...NO NOT THAT KINDA FAVOR U SICK FREAKS!...i asked him to give my number to this grl that worked an ugly mo fucka so i dont got the courage...but he did that for me i gave her my cell number hopefully she'll call or imma b hearbroken....thnx kevin...and then i got home from their and jessica told me to create a blog...idk i guess i got a lil carried away wit the typing...sry if u got bored...BUT GET USED TO THIS SHIT BC IMMA B TYPIN ON HERE A LOT...gotta feeling...well im done for now bc i dont wanna type no more........LATER!